hire us

As an amateur photographer/ filmmaker, our aims for the next year are gaining experience, earning a good reputation and building a portfolio.

To make this possible, WeeManWanders is searching for work opportunities. For the moment we are happy to provide services free of charge!


If you're a business or working on a project and are looking to partner up then we might be interested.

Feel free to get in touch and maybe we can work together on something great. It would be nice to work alongside fellow creators and build relationships within the industry.


Is there a photo of ours you've seen on one of our platforms that is not in the print store? The prints we have available in the store are those that we feel are of the highest quality, as well as having received the best response when originally posted. However please send a message if there is a photo of ours that you'd like to be made available to order!

general enquiry

Do you have any enquiries about the work process of WeeManWanders? Got any suggestions for us to consider visiting or doing? Or just want to drop a message to say hello? Feel free!